Monday, November 28, 2005

New York Sports

So as long as you aren't a NBA fan, New York teams (the good ones anyway) are having a great couple of months. Much to everyone's surprise, especially Sports Illustrated which picked them as the worst team in the league, the Rangers are leading the Atlantic division and have the second most points in the league. They also won the longest NHL shootout in history -- 15 rounds -- the other night, when a new defenseman scored on a shot between his legs.

As for football, the Giants are tied for first in the NFC East with the most potent offense in football. The offense led by Eli, Tiki, Plex and Shockey is just tearing it up. Yesterday they had a chance to take a huge step forward by beating the Seahawks on the road, but their crap ass kicker missed three field goals, one at the end of regulation and two in overtime, to screw it all up. This week a must win with Parcells and the Cowboys.

And finally to the most important sport, baseball. In the past week the Mets have brought in a huge bat in the person of Carlos Delgado and yesterday they signed the preeminent free agent pitcher, Billy Wagner. Yes they overpaid and gave him to many years, but if they had Wagner last year, statistically the Mets would have won the NL East. They lost the Wild Card by 7 games and the East by 8. Last year's closer Braden Looper blew 8 saves and the bullpen combines for 13 more blown saves. Next up a catcher, hopefully Bengie Molina. I am just so excited that Looper isn't the closer anymore.

P.S. The Jets, Islanders, and Yankees fuckin blow


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just quit politics now and become a sports writer.


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