Monday, October 31, 2005

Forrester for Governor?

So here we are 8 days from the New Jersey gubernatorial election and the Newark Star-Ledger endorsed republican Doug Forrester over Jon Corzine. This is a shock to say the least. Corzine is a successful United Stats Senator and frmer businessman. Forrester is a successful businessman (if ripping people off for perscription drugs and making millions of dollars doing it can be deemed successful). He was also the mayor of West Windsor, NJ more than 20 years ago.

However, the Star-Ledger endorsed Forrester because they feel that he would be able to better stand up to the GOP political as compared to Corzine's ability to stand up to the Democratic political machine. There is little doubt that NJ state Democrats have gotten caught up in the recent ridiculous operations of local Dem organizations. In fact Corzine faced no opposition in the primary in large part because he donated early and often to the local organization who supported him in return. This discouraged the most appealing candidate, Dick Codey, from running.

The Star-Ledger's endorsement was really just talking about Forrester as the lesser of two evils and few people pay attention to them anymore, but the best part of the editorial was the alternate: we wish we could vote for Dick Codey.


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