Sunday, October 02, 2005

Memos, Mike Piazza, Tom Delay, Dane Cook, and the Weekend

So last Thursday, I found myself editing a five page memo so that it would only be three pages. Then a sense of irony swept over me. I was paying a ton of money to go to school and further my education -- at least that's what people told me. Just two months ago I was getting paid at a job, where my main responsibility was editing memos. My what a difference two months makes.

So Tom Delay, an architect of the Contract with America got indicted last week. Oh happy, happy day. What a douchebag this guy is. I love that he had to resign from the Majority Leadership under a rule that he had fought against and gotten revoked. At least some Republicans came to their senses and reinstated that rule. Even better is all the Republicans that are saying he can come back and that Ronnie Earle always indicts people but can never support it. Being an indicted politician is like being a teacher accused of sexually assaulting a student. The conviction doesn't matter. You've been indicted and that's all people care about. But, the Republicans do protect their own much better than Dems. Within hours leading Republicans, including Delay, were on TV criticizing Earle and changing the story. You have to admit, its quite impressive. So let's see, Bush screwed up with Katrina (though Mike Brown that Arabian Horse Official that is an expert on disaster management says it was local officials -- who just happen to be Dems -- that screwed up), Frist made a ton of money by dumping stock before it tanked, Delay just got indicted, and oh somehow we now have only one Iraqi batallion that is combat ready as opposed to the three we used to have. How does a battalion lose its combat readiness? Now if I just had confidence in the Democrat's ability to actually capitalize on all of this.

Recently I heard this comedian Dane Cook. This guy is absolutely hilarious. If you get a chance check out his CD "Retaliation." I was laughing so hard I almost drove off the road. You also have to see him on Comedy Central cuz you will laugh just from watching him. The funniest thing is when he does his thing about "no whammy, no whammy, stop" and telling a girl or a girl looking for the car door handle or stupid fights couples have. Check this guy out, just great.

This was a great weekend because I got to know Baltimore a little. On Friday, a few people went to an Irish Bar Mick O'Sheas and I really realized how cheap this town is. A beer that costs $5.50 in DC cost me $3.75 out here. Doesn't mean I'm gonna spend less money. Just means I'm gonna get drunker. Then Saturday, by some miracle, I woke up in time to go the Farmer's Market which was great and cheap. Then my roommate and I biked down to the Fells Point Festival, which is about 4 miles each way. Yea all of you that know me our wondering how I could do that. Not sure at all but I've been riding my bike a lot so maybe that's why I didn't have 6 heart attacks on the way back. The festival was huge, taking up about 10 blocks . Spending most of my time with the same 28 people, its nice to be around other people. Though the ride back after eating a sausage, cream of crab soup, chili and half a funnel cake wasn't that pleasant. Then today we had flag football practice today. Our program is going to play in a three day tournament later in October and we figured practice was a good idea. Just a tip: the option does work in flag football.

On a final note, this was the end of the baseball regular season and quite possibly the end of Mike Piazza's career as a New York Met. This is a guy who was drafted in the 66th round as a favor to his father and turned into the greatest offensive catcher of all time. For years, with virtually no help he was the Mets' offense. He accepted his diminished role with class and he totally would have kicked Clemens' ass all those times they almost threw down. He had so many famous homeruns, including capping a 10-run two out rally in the 8th inning to beat the Braves in 2000.

But the most amazing homerun he ever hit didn't come in a playoff game or in the World Series. The first game played in New York after September 11th was the New York Mets hosting the Atlanta Braves. Needless to say it was an emotional night, as the Shea Stadium parking lot was still be used as a staging ground for relief efforts. In the eigth inning the game was tied when Piazza strode to the plate. He hit a thunderous homerun to left center field that cleared the bleachers. The whole stadium erupted and literally shook. Fans were crying and cheering like nothing I've ever seen. It was like the whole city just letting loose all the emotion that had been pent up the last six days. It was one of the longest standing ovations I have heard in my life. Just when you thought it couldn't get louder, Piazza came out for a curtain call and Shea erupted again. Watching the game you could literally see the whole stadium shaking. Just an unbelievable moment and a perfect demonstration of the healing power of sports. The Mets do have to move on but the team will just not be the same without the leadership and heart of this future Hall of Famer.


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At 1:59 PM, Blogger Robert G. Torricelli said...

So you got to "explore Baltimore." How lovely for the citizens of Charm City. Please keep your fantasies about Messrs. Piazza, Elton John et al to yourself. P.S. Don't count the Hammer out ...

At 2:07 PM, Blogger Robert G. Torricelli said...

First of all you little piss ant, you claim you're paying alot of money to do the job you once had???Listen Upper Eastside boy who once has his own driver take to school, you haven't paid for a thing out of your own pocket EVER.

Now, Why don't take your blow up doll of Mike Piazza, go hang out with superblogger and derek rydall spare your readers from hearing about your disturbing ill diguised homo erotic fantasies

Good luck with school pansy boy a.k.a....picklesmoocher.

At 2:27 PM, Blogger Robert G. Torricelli said...

Hey, did you work on the Hill? Because you never fail to remind us every chance you get...

You can stop the "I love sports" routine, because we all know the real reason you like to sit real close to the TV when there are men running around in tight pants.

God you're pathetic...I can practically hear you crying while you listen to your Right Said Fred album wearing your "Frankie says relax" t-shirt.

At 2:35 PM, Blogger Robert G. Torricelli said...

I'll bet you have at least one song the Moulan Rouge soundtrack on your I-Pod. And, anything from the New Radicals.

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