Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The Econ Midterm and The Bravery

So I got my econ midterm back last week and didn't do nearly as bad as I thought I did. I got a B- which is pretty good. Well I actually got a 66% which isn't really a B-. Well I actually got a 53 out of one hundred which isn't even really an F. Yea so Econ is a hard class that no one really understands. In fact no one even finished the test. Hey professor you think that if no one finished the test and average raw score was about 62 that maybe you need a new approach to teaching? So she decides to make our next test, which is next week, into a cumulative test. Fine, not the worst idea ever. But since its apparent that no one understood the first six weeks of class, don't you think you spend some time reviewing that stuff. I guess that would be asking to much. Hey bet then again a 66% is a B-, so here we go 70%.

On a better note, check out the band The Bravery. I saw them last week at Sonar here in Baltimore. The venue wasn't that great because of crappy sound, but the band put on a great live show. They sound a little like the Killers, but also have a sound distinct to them. They really got into the performance and got the crowd really pumped up. I would definitely check out their CD, and not just because I know the lead singer's parents.

'til next time.


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