Tuesday, October 18, 2005


So a lot of people have asked me how Baltimore is and my answer is...I really don't know. I live in Charles Village which is adjacent to the JHU campus. Its a nice neighborhood with a lot of single family homes and a block of bars, restaurants, and a grocery store. The fact is that because of my busy schedule I don't often get out and I haven't been able to explore as much as I would like. We basically hang out in four neighborhoods. Charles Village, Mt. Vernon, Fells Point, and Federal Hill. Mt. Vernon is good because a lot of classmates live there and there is much more to do in the way of restaurants and bars. We have made a little home at a bar called the Brewer's Art which has microbrews and is very cheap. Actually, an overall theme of bars in Baltimore is cheap beer. The same beer that costs $5.50 in DC costs $3.50 here. Less money and more beer, nice combo.

We have also started hanging in Fells Point which is down on the water. A lot of young professionals live down there which makes for a good time. We have been going to a bar called Max's which is like Brickskellar, a bunch of beers on tap. Its a good place but because of our schedule and the dearth of public transportation in Baltimore, the time commitment to go down there basically limits it to a Friday/Saturday night trip.

We have only been to Federal Hill once and I would describe it as Baltimore's Adams Morgan. A lot of bars, a lot of frat boys. It was fun, but again not easy to get to.

The fact is that the lack of time and especially the lack of significant public transportation limits where we can go. What's the point of going out drinking if you have to drive? What is really frustrating is that I haven't had a chance to discover any of the great museums or tourist attractions in Baltimore. One of the reasons that I left DC was to explore a new city so hopefully that happens in the future.

Ok time to go to bed...I gotta get my econ midterm back on Wednesday morning. Probably doesn't bode well that the average score was a 50.


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