Saturday, October 29, 2005

Brilliant Leadership

What a wonderful week for the Bush administration. I think this week perfectly demonstrates why people hate this man so much. His deception and stubbornness has now cost the lives of more than 2,000 brave Americans in Iraq and shattered the lives of tens of thousands of injured. But, still despite only one combat ready Iraqi battalion and a constitution ratified mostly because it will be significantly modified, President Bush continues to say we are on the right track. This isn't being consistent, this is being stubborn.

And I'm so glad that we elected Bush to bring integrity back to the White House. So Clinton got a bj in the White House and all the conservatives freak out. But Scooter Libby gets INDICTED for lying about outing a CIA operative, which could have cost Valerie Plame her life and the lives of who knows how many other sources and operatives. Can you imagine what might have happened if Bush didn't want to restore integrity to the Presidency.

And then we get to what has to be one of the worst nominations for the Supreme Court in history. Whether you agree with John Roberts most people would agree that he is a billiant legal mind. Harriet Miers on the other hand...not so much. This was yet another example of Bush nominating someone not because they were qualified, but because they were dumb enough to be loyal to his ridiculous ideals. Hey putting unqualified people in charge is very popular with the president isn't it Brownie? The ironic part of Miers withdrawing is that though she is not a great legal mind at all (she couldn't even completely fill out her questionnaire) we could now end up with an ultra-conservative Supreme Court nominee. Of course all that would prove is that Bush has no guts and really is controlled by the far right wing.

Hey don't worry President Bush, next week could be better.


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At 12:15 PM, Blogger kath said...

next week could be better?

I sure hope not!

I would love to see the whole administration crash and burn.. one at a time will do nicely..


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